Multiple resources for privacy seekers as well as Monero newbies and enthusiasts

Definitely the best place to start out learning about Monero, with a lot of resources and useful information.

A nice catalog of hundreds of merchants that accept Monero.  A good place to advertise your business if you do too.

An awesome review of good habits for keeping your privacy, with tons of Monero resources.


Tells you which exchange gives you the best rates.


An excellent up to date catalog of non-KYC exchanges and p2p sites


My favorite, no BS instant non kyc exchanges (CEX).  It doesn’t work if your IP comes from the US, so you might need a VPN.

P2P Monero exchange

I like the monero sub because it’s not a cult like r/Bitcoin and you can ask questions and get honest answers (most of the time)

A light humored meme sharing community.

Anyone with a CPU can mine Monero and make the community stronger and more decentralized. Learn how with this great guide.

A great mobile XMR, LTC, and BTC wallet.

Another awesome mobile wallet with a cypherpunk touch.

Compatible with hardware wallets, a good wallet in which you can run your own node, or not, depending on how much you like XMR.

A great resource to learn about crypto in general and specifically pricacy coins.

Did I miss something?  I want this to be a very comprehensive resource list, please send me your suggestions to

About the Monero Boating Club
It is my opinion that Monero does what Bitcoin set out to do in the first place. It is what people who don't know about Bitcoin think Bitcoin is.

The Monero Boating Club is a hub with resources to learn about XMR, crypto and privacy, as well as a toolbox with useful links to get started with Monero as well as to help strengthen the Monero community.

We always carry our Monero with us when we go sailing, and sometimes it gets lost, but that’s no reason for despair. I made this website because I believe Monero can solve many of the world’s underlying financial corruption and the unfair control many governments have on their people.

Browse around, leave your comments and if you lose your sweet Monero, you’re not alone 🙂

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