Make noise on Google search results and make it harder for anyone to find your personal information

How it works
By creating lots of decoy accounts using your name, you can make it harder and more confusing to find for your real personal information online.

We create accounts using your name with faces created by artificial intelligence on Twitter,  LinkedIn, Reddit, Youtube, MySpace, Formspring.me, and Foursquare, as well as content on random blogs with good SEO. We always use respectable but confusing backgrounds.

It’s important for you to know that Google’s algorithms may take some time to crawl every account we make.  Also there is no guarantee that every account we create will appear first in Google’s search results, however this is an amazing way to improve your privacy by making a lot of noise online.

If you’re interested please add the product “Obfuscation Service” (there’s a button below).  Fill your order with the name you would like to obfuscate and we’ll take care of the rest, and send you an e-mail when we’re finished.  If there is some information you would like us to include please notify us in the “Order Notes” section when you check out and we can gladly accomodate any special requests.

Timeframe: It takes us approximately 1 week to create all your accounts, and some results are instant, but for most or all of them to show on Google’s search results might take up to a few months.

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