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Monero Boating Club

Here you may download any design you like in PDF format, ready to print in A4 or Poster size in any Office Depot or print shop. 

Absolutely free. Spread the word of Monero! is a beautiful website with a ton of resources to learn about how Monero works and why it is important to have privacy at a base level.

The Monero Boating Club offers many different digital services like 

  • WordPress websites
  • Videos for your brand
  • Logos
  • Logo animations
  • Instructional/educational videos
  • Learn to use PGP
  • Data obfuscation in Google search results to increase your privacy online
  • Graphic Design

who we are

the monero boating club is a project born to spread education about the need for a fungible, private cryptocurrency.

We are supported by but unafilliated to Majestic Bank, the first truly anonymous crypto exchange.  They offer instant swaps between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero and their support is the reason the Monero Boating Club can keep spreading the word.

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